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We are here to reduce your total lifetime VW
Ownership costs of Maintenance and Operations

Beckley - Raleigh County, WV
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The times we live in are difficult with people complaining in every breath. 

We will not deal with that kind of person ...
Haters and Chronic complainers - need to go on to Charleston - without looking back.

Our way of doing things - usually leads to 10 years of near trouble free service life.

Beckley, WV VW Service

In the last 15 years,  What have we seen?
Turbo Equipped,  Direct Fuel Injection Systems  which bypass intake valves,
Hydraulic Computer controlled Cam / Timing Hubs -
All -
That have helped engines - to have more power,
and a better control on exhaust emmissions
and often - shorter engine lifes -

When coupled with Old habits, fast paced lifestyles and often - neglectful ways of doing things.

Today - More than ever -
The required maintenance with products to meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer's
specifications are required - not because they say so -
but because inferior products can shorten service life.

How is your last 15 years been?  How have you spent your money?  
On Preventative Maintenance

or on Major Repairs and Vehicle Replacement - repeatedly ?

We make a daily difference in the lives
of those family members we help and support.

Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants

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